What’s Everyone

Screaming About?

Conan O’Brien pointed out a flaw in local television news when he showed a montage of 26 anchors all giving the same lead for a story on ice cream apps.

The audience laughs and applauds, but is it really funny?

I concur with O’Brien when he says, “It scares me.”

The video sheds light on many issues journalism faces. What it comes down to is this:


We need to be more creative and open-minded. We need to embrace all of the resources at our fingertips rather than ignore them, hoping that they’ll go away and things will return to the glory days of journalism when the news was read and viewed on our schedule instead of the people’s.

Arizona State’s Tim McGuire makes a plethora of valid points regarding what he believe the future of the media looks like. I suggest reading his post or at least a brief summary of it on the blog.


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