Desperation Smells Like Bacon?

Thanks to a post by Romenesko (who in turn was tipped off by his subscribers), I found perhaps the most creative ad for a reporter’s job than any I’ve seen before. The employers for this ad know what desperation smells like (apparently it’s bacon), so please don’t waste their time.

The position, posted on by Dolan Media/New Orleans CityBusiness, is titled “REPORTERS – Don’t bother reading this if you have a cut-and-paste cover letter.”

Don’t reply to the ad if:

– You’ve “always wanted to be a writer”

– Your best story came from covering a meeting

– You prefer conducting most of your interviews over the phone

– You feel news releases are the best places to find story ideas

– College professors still make up the bulk of your references

– You prefer “flexible” deadlines

However, if you’re “a rodeo clown with impeccable grooming skills who can offer sound financial advice” you just might capture their attention long enough to make something happen.

I wonder how many applied….


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