Professor James Tobin Recognized

by Wall Street Journal

Congratulations to Miami’s own Professor James Tobin for his book, To Conquer the Air, being named to The Wall Street Journal’s Five Best: Books on Invention! The book, which came in at #3, is about the obstacles and creativity of legendary brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright in their quest to invent the world’s first successful airplane.

William Rosen, author of the list, writes:

“The story of the one-time bicycle shop owners from Dayton, OH (in 1900, America’s per capita patent leader), is simultaneously a panorama of early 20th-century America and an unforgettable portrait of Wilbur Wright. Both Wilbur and his brother Orville were exemplars of grace under pressure, showing high intelligence, modesty and determination without foolhardiness – all the while competing against everyone from Alexander Graham Bell to the motorcycle-racing champion Glenn Curtiss to be the first aloft. But Wilbur is clearly the star. His decision to master airborne stability and balance before power – to create the optimal wing and let the engine take care of itself – gives James Tobin’s tale an enormously satisfying structure, as well as an entirely apt metaphor to Wilbur Wright’s life.”


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