Congratulations Scholarship

Winners and Next Year’s

Student Media Leaders!


  • Lawler Galesse Scholarship: Emily Glaser, at $2,000
  • Emily J. Cordes Scholarship: Ashley Achor and Abbey Diss, at $1,000 each
  • Timothy J. Rogers Memorial Scholarship: JM Rieger, at $2,000
  • Reid-Heckler Scholarship: Eileen Lane and Lauren Brink, at $1,000 each
  • Memorial Tournament Scholarship: Lauren Ceronie and JM Rieger, at $2,000 each. Finalists: Alaine Perconti and Bridget Vis

Student Media (under COSMOs):

  • The Miami Student: Editor – Lauren Ceronie. Business Manager – Sean Crowe.
  • MQ: Editor – Alex Tirrell. Business Manager – Brooke Widerschein.
  • Recensio: Editor – Kelsie Walker. Business Manager – Allison Gnaegy.
  • WMSR: General Manager – Dan Basar. Business Manager – Aaron Pittenger.
  • UP: Editor – Jennifer Heuerman. Business Manager – Jocelyn Zadzi.
  • GreenHawks: Editor – Bridget Vis. Business Manager  – Meri Consolo.
  • Inklings: Editor – Cecelia Stelzer. Business Manager – Scarlett Minnie.
  • Crucible: Editor – Cindy Moore. Business Manager – Risharishea North.
  • Her Campus: Editor – Kate Byers. Business Manager – Alaine Perconti.
  • Mi Cup of Tea: Editor: Nick Kelly. Business Manager – Laurie Jacob.
  • MTN: Mercedes Williams and Katelyn Butts – co-presidents.

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