Good Luck, SPJ Seniors!

Amelia Carpenter, President

Andrew Bowman, VP of Public Relations

Kaitlin Schroeder, Treasurer

Oriana Pawlyk, Social Media Chair

Lauren Pax

Shea Quarton


Congratulations Scholarship

Winners and Next Year’s

Student Media Leaders!


  • Lawler Galesse Scholarship: Emily Glaser, at $2,000
  • Emily J. Cordes Scholarship: Ashley Achor and Abbey Diss, at $1,000 each
  • Timothy J. Rogers Memorial Scholarship: JM Rieger, at $2,000
  • Reid-Heckler Scholarship: Eileen Lane and Lauren Brink, at $1,000 each
  • Memorial Tournament Scholarship: Lauren Ceronie and JM Rieger, at $2,000 each. Finalists: Alaine Perconti and Bridget Vis

Student Media (under COSMOs):

  • The Miami Student: Editor – Lauren Ceronie. Business Manager – Sean Crowe.
  • MQ: Editor – Alex Tirrell. Business Manager – Brooke Widerschein.
  • Recensio: Editor – Kelsie Walker. Business Manager – Allison Gnaegy.
  • WMSR: General Manager – Dan Basar. Business Manager – Aaron Pittenger.
  • UP: Editor – Jennifer Heuerman. Business Manager – Jocelyn Zadzi.
  • GreenHawks: Editor – Bridget Vis. Business Manager  – Meri Consolo.
  • Inklings: Editor – Cecelia Stelzer. Business Manager – Scarlett Minnie.
  • Crucible: Editor – Cindy Moore. Business Manager – Risharishea North.
  • Her Campus: Editor – Kate Byers. Business Manager – Alaine Perconti.
  • Mi Cup of Tea: Editor: Nick Kelly. Business Manager – Laurie Jacob.
  • MTN: Mercedes Williams and Katelyn Butts – co-presidents.